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G-Mask (freeware)

a 32 bit Image Mask Tool

Use this tool based on the judgment of your own good sense. This tool wasn't made for use contrary to public order and morals.

Gmask supports the following masks: WIN, MEKO-, MEKO+, FL, Q0, and CP.

G-Mask supports the file formats BMP, DIB, JPG and JPEG, and PNG.

GIF is not supported because it was impossible to obtain a freeware licence from UNISYS CORP. who owns the rights for the LZW compression technique necessary to read/write GIF's.

If you are interested in the history of Gmask you can download (2Kb compressed .doc.)

Installing Gmask:

Some versions of Gmask comes with an installer, other versions are compressed archives (lzh or zip. Simply unpack them to a folder of your own choice and make shortcuts yourself.

Normally Gmask Menus and Dialogues are in Japaneese.

There is a file named Gmasklng.ini. It comes in several versions.

When this file is put in the same folder as Gmask.exe, the Menus and Dialogues will change to the language of the actual Gmasklng.ini. See below for different language versions to download. If the Gmasklng.ini is included in a .lzh or selfextractor it is indicated in the text.

Actuation environment



Windows95/98/NT4.0 Japanese, English, Korean, Chinese Big5 and GB, German, Spanish and Italian, etc edition

It doesn't work well in less than 256 colors resolution.



Download ver.1.70 (236K) in Chinese Big5 with readme.txt, creadme.txt file and Gmasklng.ini in Chinese BIG5. Creadme.txt and Readme.txt are written in Chinese.

Chinese (BIG5) edition was completed by of Taiwan.


If you want to use Chinese GB edition then extract the Gmasklng.ini file from Gb160.LZH(6K) to the same folder as GMask.exe,

Chinese GB edition is the work of Chinese Shou Jiayan, and introduced to the public in his home page.


The English version comes with English language ini file and a complete Windows help file

English edition was completed by Danish Erik Albrechtsen.

You can download Gmsk170E.exe from this site or from  European mirror 1.


Download Italy160.lzh (15K) with Italian Gmasklng.ini and HTML Help

Italian Tecno translated English edition into Italian.


Download (2K) with German Gmasklng.ini

German Tobias Kurwinkel ( translated English edition into German.

His hope page is this site(


Download GMask170.LZH ver.1.70 (289K) in Japanese.
Download (Self-Extract) GMask170.EXE ver.1.70 (308K) in Japanese

This is Masksrc.LZH (85K) with easy description and C source for the the ones that want to make a program for mask processing by themselves. (Sorry Japanese only)


Download ver.1.70 (232K) in Korean with Readmekr.txt file and Gmasklng.ini in Korean.

Korean edition is the work of Yun-Young Hur, and introduced to the public in his home page. Mr.Yun-Young Hur's home page


The Spanish version is a Gmasklng.ini. file to put in the Gmask directory.

This file was made by Spanish Ifigenio Osobar.

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